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    Step 1 :- Launch the software. Select the drive or partition or partition to recover data. Click on Recover data option and then begin the scanning process from "Start Scan" button.
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    Step 2 :- You will detect quick recovery scan in progress on the screen.
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    Step 3:- After finishing the process, the software will display a list of detected files.
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    Step 4:-It also allows the users to preview the files after scan.
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    Step 5:- Choose the files which you want to recover and click on Recover button.
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    Step 6: Choose the desired location to save the recovered files.
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    Step 7: The software will automatically save your data. Check to view the files.

How to fix beeping sound in LaCie disk drive

Are you facing LaCie beeping issues? Do you face severe operational errors while connecting Lacie Portable hard drive to your System and in this situation your LaCie hard drive is not recognizing then, you need to read this article carefully as it is intended for Lacie beeping fixes and related operational issues. Beeping alarm while using LaCie drive is a clear indication or a warning signal to the users for some serious issue. This is a common problem with the portable hard drive. In many similar situation the portable external hard drive is unable to be recognized on the PC followed by beeping sound. The issue should be fixed instantly to prevent data loss situation from LaCie portable hard drive.

Have you wondered what causes such problems? It is found that issues related to cable or Hard Drive can be a contributing factor for alarming beeping sound in LaCie portable hard drive. Outdated Firmware or lose Firewire connection can some of the other reasons behind the error.

LaCie beeping Fixes and Solutions

It is important to verify whether the Firewire connection is secured and clean. Moreover the users should try reconnecting HD. However, if following these steps does not ensures LaCie beeping fixes, then the user has only option of formatting the LaCie hard drive. But, formatting the drive will erase the data and backup that is present on the drive. But don't worry as you can use Lacie drive recovery software to recover the data once the drive is formatted. Now, easily download LaCie Portable Hard Drive Recovery and use the trial version free.

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The utility uses advanced algorithm to recover and restore the lost data even after formatting the LaCie portable hard drive, also it provides an option to make partition with LaCie drive recovery that gives smooth performance in future. So if the next time you are facing similar issues, juse use the above mentioned tips. It really works!

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