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    Step 1 :- Launch the software. Select the drive or partition or partition to recover data. Click on Recover data option and then begin the scanning process from "Start Scan" button.
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    Step 2 :- You will detect quick recovery scan in progress on the screen.
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    Step 3:- After finishing the process, the software will display a list of detected files.
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    Step 4:-It also allows the users to preview the files after scan.
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    Step 5:- Choose the files which you want to recover and click on Recover button.
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    Step 6: Choose the desired location to save the recovered files.
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    Step 7: The software will automatically save your data. Check to view the files.

Fix LaCie hard drive not recognized Error

Are you unable to access the data stored with your LaCie hard drive? Are you getting LaCie hard drive not recognized error messages? It is a critical issue that should be resolved soon if you want to prevent loss of important data stored in it hard drive. Although LaCie hard drive is useful utility and can store large data such as documents, audio and video files that can be easily transferred from one PC to another. Moreover, it is easy to plug and play when connected through USB cable. But in some cases, users find problems while connecting LaCie portable external drive as the PC is unable to recognize the LaCie hard disk drive.

Cause of the LaCie Hard Drive Not Recognized Error

There may be number of causes responsible for unrecognizing file in LaCie hard drive. These are stated as below:

  • Corrupted or Damaged USB hard drive
  • sudden loss of power
  • improper connection of USB cable
  • virus corruption
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After knowing the important reasons behind LaCie hard drive not recognized error, it becomes comparatively easier to fix or resolve lacie hard drive issues. Users facing the above problem are advised to follow the instructions given below:

  • it is important to verify the USB cable and if it is damaged, get it replaced.
  • Try connecting the LaCie drive to other PC
  • try restarting the computer after reconnecting the drive.

If the problem still exists, the users are left with only one option and that is to format the LaCie hard drive. However, it is important to mention that formatting the drive will result in loss of entire stored data. But don't worry, recover data easily with Lacie drive. It is the best data recovery tool that is available as free trial version. Download the software as it recovers lost data even due to formatting of the drive. and at the same time it also fixes beeping problem in lacie drive

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