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    Step 1 :- Launch the software. Select the drive or partition or partition to recover data. Click on Recover data option and then begin the scanning process from "Start Scan" button.
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    Step 2 :- You will detect quick recovery scan in progress on the screen.
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    Step 3:- After finishing the process, the software will display a list of detected files.
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    Step 4:-It also allows the users to preview the files after scan.
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    Step 5:- Choose the files which you want to recover and click on Recover button.
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    Step 6: Choose the desired location to save the recovered files.
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    Step 7: The software will automatically save your data. Check to view the files.

Data Recovery Software For PC

Nowadays, portable hard drive is used widely to store data and the reason behind that is it can store huge amount of data which can be carried easily from one destination to another. It is the best place to store backup to get rid of when files stored in external hard disk is lost. Most of the portable hard drive get corrupted because we they are usually moved from one place to another. As a consequence data loss happen. Once data get lost from portable hard disk, user start thinking, can i get back those important data? Fortunately, the answer is yes. With the help of some Data recovery software for PC you can retrieve your lost data.

Before we move towards the recovery section, let us know some common reason which result in data loss scenario

  • Accidental Deletion : Sometime user unknowingly delete those file which they don't intend to. It is one of the most common reason behind data loss.
  • Incomplete Transmission of data : Occurrence of any interruption while transferring data from portable hard drive to computer can stop the transmission process and tend to data loss
  • Format Error : When you connect portable hard drive to PC and it display “Hard drive need to format error”. If you press ok after this error message then it swipe all the data present on it.
  • Virus Infection : If your computer internal storage have virus then it can also corrupt the data present on your portable drive and make them inaccessible

Hard drive are always prone to data loss and no matter how you take care of it. The worst thing is backup of your file also get deleted. But no need to panic, as mentioned above you can get back your data by using some Data recovery software for PC. However, there are several type of recovery utility but the one of the best is stellar data recovery software for PC. With the help of this software you can get back all the data from your portable hard drive. This utility enable you to recover data from several such as Seagate, Toshiba, Samsung, Iomega, Western Digital etc.

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