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    Step 1 :- Launch the software. Select the drive or partition or partition to recover data. Click on Recover data option and then begin the scanning process from "Start Scan" button.
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    Step 2 :- You will detect quick recovery scan in progress on the screen.
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    Step 3:- After finishing the process, the software will display a list of detected files.
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    Step 4:-It also allows the users to preview the files after scan.
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    Step 5:- Choose the files which you want to recover and click on Recover button.
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    Step 6: Choose the desired location to save the recovered files.
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    Step 7: The software will automatically save your data. Check to view the files.

How to Recover Lost Data from LaCie Drive

Have you lost your important data from LaCie external storage device? Don't worry as you will get the best solution to recover and restore the lost data. LaCie drive is perfect for storing large number of data such as important files, movies, videos, audios etc for various uses. It is even used in RAID0, RAID1 RAID5, RAID10 and JBOD. No doubt, the data stored with the LaCie drive can be easily carried, it is safe and secured. But unfortunately, there have been some instances reported in which the data stored in the LaCie external hard drive gets lost or deleted. However, it is possible to recover the lost data by using Free LaCie drive recovery software.

Causes of data loss from LaCie drive

Fatal or severe system error usually results in the damage or loss of data and the user is unable to access the data that is stored in the drive. Some other causes are

  • formatting of the LaCie external hard drive
  • System crash
  • repartitioning of the drive
  • sometimes the LaCie Drive makes a beep sound
  • issues related to RAW drive error.
  • Hard deletion: Accidentally deleting the files using Command+Del keys which deleted from the trash or by using file shredding utilities
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Due to any one of the above reasons, the users are unable to access the important data stored in the drive and many cases, the PC fails to identify external storage hard drive when connected. It is an erratic situation which the users have to face. But fortunately, users can now recover the lost data with Free LaCie disk recovery Software. The utility is available as a free trial version which one can easily download from web.

Important Features of LaCie Disk Recovery Software

  • Recovers data from formatted, damaged or corrupted file system easily.
  • The LaCie Hard Drive Recovery Software uses advanced scanning algorithm to speed up recovery process.
  • free lacie drive recovery utility has a user friendly interface.
  • Can be used for recovering data from files including FAT file system, HSF, HSF+etc.
  • Salvage data after partition has been resized or recreated
  • Best for recovering data such as images, audios and videos from digital camera, iPod or other USB storage media.

So if you are unable to access the data stored in the LaCie external hard drive, simply download the free trial version of free LaCie drive recovery and see the difference with its advanced feature of Lacie partition recovery. As the name suggests, its available as free trial version.

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